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Sunday, December 25, 2005 Quite a year for the Bush Administration Thanks to the Bush Administration, democracy is being spread throughout the world. Thanks to the determination of this administration, and the hard work of the troops, Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries long dominated by tyranny and oppression, have recently held votes to elect their own government, and to ratify their own constitution. Fiscally speaking the United States remains on track to cut the deficit by 2009, by continuing restraint on spending and pro-growth economic policies the United States economy will continue expanding. In order for the United States President Bush has called upon the US Congress to make his tax cuts permanent. President Bush's foreign policies are also not just benefiting Americans, but the world. The President has also encouraged developing countries to take primary responsibility and ownership for their own development through good governance, the rule of law, and sound economic policies, as well as by cultivating domestic and private resources in development. He has supported these goals through bold new programs, including the Millennium Challenge Account, which rewards developing countries that fight corruption and implement sound policies; the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, a five-year, $15-billion effort that is providing hope throughout the developing world; and multilateral debt relief, which will provide 100-percent debt cancellation and a path towards the private capital markets for qualifying heavily indebted poor countries. President Bush has also nominated highly qualified leaders to serve in the United States Supreme Court. Including the highly qualified John Roberts to become the Supreme Court Chief Justice, and he has also nominated Samuel Alito, who should be easily confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court by January 20. As you probably know reading this, these are only a small percentage of the accomplishments the Bush Administration has come by this year, and we can only hope for many more accomplishments throughout the remainder of their term.
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